Blackberry qwerty keyboard is proven asset by Jean Louis Gassee

Jean pointed out a reason why iPad sales are not as near projected as it should be because many tasks need require keyboards where people resort to their macbook and the sweet spot is where users have iPad & MacBook to do their work. With that said, John Chen is taking the right path listening to the consumers on a need of qwerty Keyboard by bringing back the Blackberry Curve and also adding a new innovative Passport which will fill the niche for the consumers who needs something mobile enough to still do their spreadsheet and business task. 

Blackberry at a glance

Blackberry stocks were set back recently with the news of Apple & IBM paring up for the enterprise-sector, however was recently approved to manage android/iphone and other mobile platforms.

Blackberry patents-portfolio are undervalue as they continue to beef up their security with acquisition of SecuSmart

Blackberry CEO John Chen will raise value for years to come as strong signs of success on turnaround plans

Evaluating John Chen will need judgement of pass performance, unlike stocks where this is not recommended.  When looking at a person chances of succeeding in the business world, you must look at it in terms of credit-score if they a person have a great credit score, if it’s great the likelihood they will deliver payments on time are higher. John Chen will do just that as many company are focus less on security and more on designs. It may be better on a consumer market for likes of Android/iPhone to succeed in sales, but big and small business runs the economy and the ability to run so under a secure enterprise platform to lower chances of losses due to downtown is invaluable.

Conclusion: Release financial report will be on sept 26, 2014 and likely to outperform analysis expected results.

*** These are no financial advice***